Stories told, stories heard create the web of life

We specialised in Social Impact, Shared Value Measurement, Monitoring and Evaluation and Human Centred Design using documentary film and established design, evaluation and reporting methodologies.

Our evidence-based methodology uses film from the research phase, to use in workshops and reporting - this making the process more accessible to the many the demographics that we work with. 


Visual Video Reports - Engaging ways to share your Annual general Report

Infographic created for Libraries SA for training video production

The Power of 'One Card' - Libraries South Australian  

Video Production  - Video Credit: Susan Rooney-Harding

Community Stories

Video Credit: Susan Rooney-Harding - ABC open Riverland  & Tara Sloane

Animation created for Latitude Forestry the forestry community in Lao to explain the process to legally selling their timber

Case study videos - NRM-Together

Visual Report and Monitoring and Evaluation - Video Credit: Susan Rooney-Harding


iPhone and iPad content training

2014 - As documented on my iPhone

iPhoneography - Video credit: Susan Rooney-Harding

Participatory Media Training for Monitoring, Evaluation and reporting