Portraits of the River People

‘Portraits of the River People’ was a photography, story catching and pasting art project. I engaged and tutored local Photographers in the, Mid Murray Council regions to collect images (Photo Documentary style – images that tell a story) and stories of the River People in their region. The stories collected were in answer to the question ‘What is your connection to the River Murray?’

4 Local community photographers and the 5 students from Mannum Community College participated in a series of Photography and Story Catching workshops that were conducted over a 6 month period. Over 50 portraits were collected from around the region.

The Images were printed as A1 size stickers and posted in the shop fronts in the main street of Mannum turning the space into a vibrant exhibition promenade. The images were also exhibited at the Murray Bridge Regional Art Gallery from Nov 2013 - Jan 2014.

Thousands of people have now viewed the exhibitions.

Project Design and Delivery

Susan Rooney-Harding - Inspireevery1 Productions

Community Photographers

Sharon Briggs, Susan Lord, Cathy Clemow, Talia Rigney,

Student photographers from Mannum Community College

Chelsea Hayes, Alya Craig, Sharie Blythe, Courtnie Roesler, Rebecca Henry

Prezi presentation presented at the Better Together Showcase May 2014