We specialise in upskilling people in creating Participatory Media. 

What is Participatory Media?

It is media where the audience can play an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analysing and sharing content. 

The Story Catchers specialise in developing and delivering projects and trainings to up skill communities to create participatory media content. The content created can be used in a variety of ways from community engagement to using it as part of Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting processes.

The Story Catchers has worked with many organisation to up-skilling individuals in creating Participatory Media content. 

Video - created by Arno Bay football and netball club

Over the course of 6 months The Story Catchers - Inspireevery1 Productions worked with a community group in Arno Bay on the South Australian Eyre Peninsular to help them document their journey whist participating in the Champions Academy. Workshops where conducted in following: Using your iPad as a media creation tool How to tell a great story with an image Image Framing and Capture The importance of great audio and how to catch it Interview techniques Some great questions to ask. The participants visually captured their journey over the past 6 months on their iPads, which was edited into this little documentary

Organisations that have participated in our trainings

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