Environmental Projects


Client: EneL Green PoweR

Product: Shared Value Docu-video report

Enel Green Power started to work in Australia, building the Bungala Solar Farm – a 285MW solar power plant, divided into three stages – in Port Augusta (South Australia). The power plant is on an Aboriginal Land and represents an ideal link between the past (the Aboriginal Culture, history and, heritage) and the future (the innovative technologies on which is based the functioning of the solar farm). Creating Shared Value within local communities is at the core of Enel’s way of working.

We develop a docu-video Shared Value report that can be used to provide baseline qualitative information considering the impact of being part of this local employment project. We looked at the impacts within the following areas:

o      Social inclusion

o      Employment and economic situation

o      Family life.

Social Media Piece

Client: Department of Environment, water

Project: Stronger Partners Stronger Futures

In South Australia they have a unique approach to managing state parks that brings together Aboriginal aspirations and conservation goals in order to achieve the best outcome for both our land and our communities. At its core, co management recognises Aboriginal people as the original custodians of our land, and acknowledges the importance of the customs and knowledge that have been passed down through generations of Aboriginal South Australians.

Co-Management ImPact Case Study 2017

Co-Management ImPact Case Study 2015/16


Client: SA Murray Darling Basin NRM

Project: NRM is…

A collection of river peoples stories and website creation

People are the corner stone to effective and sustainable management of the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin region and here are many of their stories about connection to place. Theres are their stories.

NRM is people.