We believe in the power of story to change the world. 

We specialise in qualitative Social Impact, Shared Value measurement, Case Studies, Monitoring, Evaluation and Human Centred Design using documentary storytelling.



'Stories for purpose'

Our evidence-based methodology uses new and established measurement, evaluation and reporting methods. The use of documentary film in all phases of the project from research, workshops/focus groups makes the process more accessible and inclusive for the demographics that we work with. 

We work with communities to help co-create community projects and measure their impact. Working with Human Centred Design, Monitoring and Evaluation and Community specialists we use a variety of established methodologies to produce visual project case studies, documentary style monitoring and evaluation and program design reports. 

The stories we produce are multi-functional and can be used for Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting, Education, Communications and PR purposes.

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Making your stories count! 


Storytelling is a powerful form of human expression and a sophisticated way of making sense of our world. 

Nobody is immune to the power of story!

Sharing stories is possibly one of the most important ways we have of communicating with each other.

We discover and make sense of our lives by sharing our stories, and we find out about others lives, by listening to the stories they share.

As the stories can be used for through out the whole project cycle, from project design, communications, education, monitoring, evaluation and reporting, they become an affordable and invaluable asset and source of data.

We also specialise in training for using participatory media for communications and M&E

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