​The Power of Participatory Media

Participatory Media has changed millions of people lives across our globe.

It can be a very important and powerful tool for change.

Over the course of 6 months The Story Catchers - Inspireevery1 Productions worked with a community group in Arno Bay on the South Australian Eyre Peninsular to help them document their journey whist participating in the Champions Academy. Workshops where conducted in following: Using your iPad as a media creation tool How to tell a great story with an image Image Framing and Capture The importance of great audio and how to catch it Interview techniques Some great questions to ask. The participants visually captured their journey over the past 6 months on their iPads, which was edited into this little documentary

What is Participatory Media?

Participatory media is where the audience plays an active role in the process of collecting, creating and sharing media content.

How else can it be used?

Visual Reports

Visual reports integrate the use of elements such as stakeholder interviews, project images and graphics. These are presented in a form of a short engaging video for reporting purposes.

Video Case Studies

Video placed in the hands of the community acts as a catalyst and a mirror, initiating a process of community–led analysis, reflection and change. It fosters an open and trusting relationship between facilitators/researchers and participants giving a clear signal that they are in control   & their knowledge matters.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Participatory Media makes Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) engaging, compelling and fun.  Participatory Media allows for organisations to gather qualitative data that often escapes traditional M&E tools.

Benefits of Participatory Media

Strengthens community engagement, ownership and control.

Encourages broad participation in the M&E process.

Builds community capacity & learning to critically evaluate & take action.

Videos are easily shared across multiple platforms, opening up new possibilities for communications at the local, regional and global levels.

How to inspire your community to create great Participatory Media content in 5 Steps

Step 1 – Identify the project story and to who and how you want to share the stories.

Step 2 – Identify the Participatory Media creators

Step 3 – Create a Participatory Media Content Project

Step 4 – Training and Mentoring Participatory Media content creators

Step 5 – Creating, editing and sharing content

The Particpatpry Media content created can be integrated with content that Inspireevery1 Productions has produced to be used in Project Visual Reports, Video Case Studies and in your project monitoring and evaluation reports.

Clients that Inspireevery1 Productions has worked to help their community create Participatory Media Content 

Department of Environment Water Natural Resources (DEWNR)

Australian Science Communicators

Adelaide City Council

Connecting up Australia 

University of South Australia (UNISA)

The Australian Wine Research Institute 

South Australian Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board

Country Arts South Australia

Mid Murray Council

Marion Council


TEDx Women