Using film and participatory methods in Human Centred Design and Social Impact Measurement.

The rapid advances in technology and the uptake of smart devices across the globe has changed the way we can collect and use qualitative data. It has presented opportunities to enhance participatory methodologies such as Most Significant Change, participatory forums, participatory media (audience play a role in collecting & sharing content) participatory forums (analyse & reflect on information generated, to obtain findings) & for human centred design (developing solutions to problems by involving the human perspective).

At the Story Catchers, we have developed an innovative and effective methodology that uses film for monitoring and evaluation, social impact measurement and human-centred design processes. The qualitative data collected is used in the whole process from the initial data collection, analyzing the data to creating documentary-style reports to communicate findings.

It also is an advanced learning tool to seek solutions to “wicked” and/or complex social problems affecting personal, social, economic or environmental wellbeing.

The stories produced as part of the process are multi-functional and can also be used for communications and public relations, hence being a great use of resources, both people and financially.

At the Story Catchers, we produce innovative and meaningful monitoring and evaluation, social impact measurement and human centred design processes that use story/film for government, international and non-government sector clients. 

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