What does it take to live the life of your dreams?

This is a theme running through my life in the past few days.

On the weekend I attended the world premier of ‘Chookman the Movie’ by a French filmmaker and friend, Marc Cousins.

This movie is about a man from the Riverland in South Australia who had the courage to build ‘the boat of his dreams’ and live a life true to himself, and not the life that others expected of him.

Looking at his boat and hearing his laugh you may think that he is crazy – but NO, he is far from crazy  - he is contented and on purpose.

Then last night an old colleague of mine posted a short documentary that was about a man in San Diego called Slomo, that day-in and day-out skates the boardwalk.

This man has often been mistaken for many things throughout the years—homeless, insane, etc.—but he's very much in his bliss and on purpose.

When I see and meet people that are living their dreams, I'm filled with gratitude and reminded of my own journey.

A few years ago I quit a job to follow my bliss. When I look back, there are a few things that I remember doing that changed the the path that I was on and the way I was living my life.

1.     CLARITY – your dream is more likely to come true if you first see it clearly in your mind

2.     GRATITUDE for where you have been

3.     Embrace the FEAR of the unknown.

4.     FOCUS YOUR INTENTIONS  - Changing your mind to be inline with your spirit.

5.     LETTING GO of what others think and the old patterns and beliefs that don’t serve you or a new way of being.

6.     AWARENESS that the outcomes  may challenge your old conditioning – however this may revolutionise the way you see and live in the world.

Once I started on this path I knew that there would be no satisfaction in ever turning back.

So here’s to your dreams, to your passions and your courage

Check Slomo out – it may just change your life – It did mine