2013 - The year that was - as documented on my iPhone

As a photographer I take 1000's of images every year.

In 2013  I took over 4000 images on my iPhone alone.

What an amazing way to document my life. So heres my year in images and wow what a year it was - I travelled across the country a few times for work (which is my pleasure) had some crazy adventures, met some awesome people, saw some amazing things, hung-out with some beautiful friends and family and learnt some really cool stuff. 

So heres to life - and what an amazing life it is.

2013 - The year that was - as documented on my iPhone


Seeing the world with different eyes – 30 Day iPhone Photography Challenge

A Photo a Day for 30 days

I am a frequent user of instagram, in fact I think I may be a bit obsessive and often post daily if not more often.

I have often thought about doing the 365 day challenge but have never got around to finish it, often stopping after a few months. However I have often done a themed 30 Day challenge and achieved success so I will start here, with a view to do 12 x 30 day Challenges + 5 days  = 365 Days.