Seeing the world with different eyes – 30 Day iPhone Photography Challenge

A Photo a Day for 30 days

I am a frequent user of instagram, in fact I think I may be a bit obsessive and often post daily if not more often.

I have often thought about doing the 365 day challenge but have never got around to finish it, often stopping after a few months. However I have often done a themed 30 Day challenge and achieved success so I will start here, with a view to do 12 x 30 day Challenges + 5 days  = 365 Days.

The 30 day challenge concept was inspired by a TED Talk from Matt Cutts from Google, who decided after feeling as though he was stuck in a rut would try something new for 30 days.

This decision changed his life.

So I have decided to follow in his footsteps and set myself a new challenge, A Photo a Day for 30 days, just to start with and then to see where this leads.

I have added themes for the first 6 months to give a little focus, but not too much as to hinder the creative process.

Themes for the first 6 months are:

January - Summer

February - Close Up

March - Colour

April - Portraits 

May - Street Photography 

June - Spooky

I will be using the iPhone app instagram for this project and will posting the photos on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.


Flickr Group


I have created a Flcikr Group called 2013 - A Photo a Day.

How to get involved

Step 1 - Join Flickr.

Step 2 - Join Flickr Group 2013 - A Photo a Day.

Step 3 - Start creating.

Step 4 - Upload photos to Flickr and them to 2013 - A Photo a Day group tag them.

Hashtags that I will be using are:

#photoaday #30days #inspireevery1

I will also be adding the theme for the month in the hastags eg. #summer ( this is January's theme).

What a fantastic way this could be to challenge myself, to expand my creativity to meet new people and to see the world with different eyes.

I'm look forward to you joining me behind the lens.