iPhoneography - Through the lens of a iPhone - night photography

After sunset and before sunrise the night skies transform the world into a magical realm.

I’m captivated by the images that night photography produces.  It offers a range of effects that you simply cannot generate in daylight.

Low light levels can make capturing your subject in focus very challenging, especially with an iPhone.

I have recently come across some great apps that produce great outcomes helping to make night photography using an iPhone more successful.

Some of the apps that I have come across are:

(star rating via App Store)

Nightcap **** (my personal favorite)
Magic Shutter ***
Top Camera (for it slow-shutter option)****
Slow Shutter Camera ****

To get the best result when using a slow shutter speed camera app you must stabilize your iPhone.

Specialised iPhone tripods can be purchased, but for a cheap, light-weight and one size fits all option, use Bluetak. It is a tool that I never leave home without. It is in my camera case, backpack, handbag and my car.

Make sure that you have a durable case on your iPhone just in case it breaks free from the Bluetaks grasp. 

Bluetak can be used to attach the smart to almost any flat, stable surface for short periods of time, this turning many objects into instant stabilizers.

Take advantage of the light (or lack of it) when taking photos using long exposure apps on your iPhone.

Do you have any great iPhone camera apps that you use? Love to know what they are.

More iPhone photography tips next week