The Power of Visual Online Content - Pictures verses Words

Images are powerful

For me a great image can convey thoughts, ideas and events, when words alone sometimes cannot do justice.

Images can inspire me, shock me and thrill me. They can be heartbreaking or can outrage me.

Images can bring tears to my eyes, lift my spirits, or stir a well of compassion.

Images and videos are so easy to engage with. I have noticed in the past few years that my visual content has higher rates of engagement than other content I create. 

In the past few years a shift has taken place from text based web content to more visual based web content. 

To create this content is not difficult, it is a mater of having clear goals and projects to guide you in its creation. So at the beginning of January I started the first of the 30 Day Photography challenge (with a view to do 365).

A few of the reasons why I started the 'Photo a Day' Flickr group is to get us thinking about the power of visual content and how easy it is to create and engage with.

The 30 Day photo project has got me forever thinking about what  makes a great photo and what other people might like to see and engage with and why?

This is what I have been looking to achieve with the Photo a Day Project - Photo a Day Set - love to know what your thoughts are and what sorts of visual content you like to engage with.

What is Digital Visual Content

There are some great images coming through from other Photo a Day Flickr group members -  

FlashGordon Photography has done some great shots that tell some amazing stories  - Check them out 

If you want to get involved - here are the steps

Step 1

- Join Flickr.

Step 2

- Join Flickr Group 2013 - A Photo a Day.

Step 3

- Start creating.

Step 4

- Upload photos to Flickr and them to 2013 - A Photo a Day group tag them.

Hashtags that I will be using are:

#photoaday #30days #inspireevery1

You can join us any time

NEXT MONTHS (February) THEME is 'Close up' -  please include the hashtag #closeup 

I'm looking forward to you joining me behind the lens.

Pictures verses Words Which one do you prefer?

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