The M-Files - be a part of an online Time Capsule

I will be running FREE  photography and time-lapse workshops at the Marion Culture Centre during the month of May. These workshop will focus on photography, time-lapse and storytelling  techniques using your smartphones and tablets. 

The M-File tells stories from the City of Marion community, inviting you to document your daily life through photographs, time-lapse or film. The Project will present a microcosmic view of daily experiences within the marion community.

Being a part of the M-File online Time Capsule could also win you an iPad.

The M-Files will showcase the identity, diversity, triumph and tragedy that can occur in a moment of time through images of a suburban life.

The theme will be 'Moments in time' of home, work, play or connections.

To evoke your creativity I pose the following questions

  • what is something you love
  • what are you passionate about
  • what event has changed your life and why
  • have you held onto any fond childhood items
  • what are you reading at the moment
  • What gets you up in the morning
  • do you have a special place

All images/video must  be submitted by 31 May at 

FREE WORKSHOPS at the Marion Culture Centre


Sun 5 May: 11am - 4pm TIME-LAPSE - film making on ipad/iphone

Mon 6 May: 6 - 9pm IPHONEography - creative phone photography


Marion Cultural Centre, 287 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park-


Info or registration, contact Vassi on 8375 6891 or  or