Portraits of the River People turning the main street of Mannum in to an Art Gallery

‘Portraits of the River People’ is a photography, story catching and pasting art project were I engaged and tutored local Photographer in the, Mid Murray Council Regions to collect images (Photo Documentary style – images that tell a story) and stories of the River People in their region. The stories will be in answer to the question ‘What is your connection to the River Murray?’ and will act as a caption to the images

5 Local photographers and the 5 students from Mannum Community College participated in the Photography and Story Catching workshops that I conducted. Over 50 portraits were collected from around the region

The images and stories were printed to A1 poster stickers, they were then pasted into a selection of empty shop fronts in Mannum’s main street during the month of November, turning the main street into a huge exhibition space. Over 250 people attended the exhibition open and 1000 more as the weeks have gone by. You can see the exhibition during the first 6 months of 2014 in the main street of Mannum.

We also have a photography exhibition at the Murray Bridge Regional Art Gallery during the months of January and February were you can also see the Portraits of the River People.

We are looking for funding at present to role this project out from source to sea to demonstrate that we are one river community connect by one beautiful big Murray River

Check out the Gallery of images from the project