Community Storytelling Series Part 2- The Art and Practice of Story Catching

"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world."

Phillip Pullman

The power of story

There are 2 ways to share knowledge.

You can push information out to people or you can invite them in with a story.

Most organisations and business push data and information out. People need to know how to act on information shared - but how can they, if they cant remember what the information was.

However there is another way 

Invite them into a story!

People are uniquely wired to receive stories so it's important to understand this art.

People can't help but be drawn in, remember and internalise them

It is stories that teach us, helps us to grow to transform ourselves and see life differently.

A few weeks ago I presented the Community Storytelling Series at The Australian Science Communicators Conference. 

Here I shared some of my knowledge and experience in Story catching and Storytelling.

This is the second of the presentation that I used to share what I know about capturing and telling your organisations and community stories. 

 These Prezis will only be up for a very limited time so please share these sessions with your community. I am available to be booked for workshops or to tell your communities stories - please contact me for more information