Community Storytelling Part 1 - Tell stories with images using your smartphone or tablet

As a part of the years Australian Science Communicators conference held in Brisbane I presented a Community Storytelling series at The Edge (Queensland State Library) to help Australian science communicators in the art of stories catching and sharing both words and pictures.

Sharing stories is possibly one of the most important ways we have of communicating with each other. It is how we share our hopes and fears, dreams, and passions and what we believe and value as well as what we do not. We discover and make sense of our lives by telling the stories we live and we find out about other lives by listening to the stories they tell. 

Everyone has a story to tell, and a community to whom that story is relevant. 

Join me over the next few weeks as I share with you the tricks and tools that I use to capture Community stories. I will share with you the tools that you can use to give you the confidence and know-how to tell your stories using your iPad, iPhone and other smart phones and tablets. 


Community Storytelling Series Part 1 - Telling stories with images using Smartphones and Tablets

I will be sharing the with you the next two sessions in the weeks to come. These Prezis will only be up for a very limited time so please share these sessions with your community. I am available to be booked for workshops or to tell your communities stories - please contact me for more information

Community Storytelling Series Part 2-  The Art and Practice of Story Catching

Community Storytelling Series Part 3 - Making Movies with your iPad/iPhone