Stories told, stories heard create the web of life

We specialised in Social Impact StoriesMonitoring and Evaluation and Human Centred Design using documentary film and traditional methods.

Our evidence-based methodology uses film from research, workshops to reporting, this making the process more accessible to the many the demographics that we work with. 

Visual Video Reports - Engaging ways to share your Annual general Report

Infographic created for Libraries SA for training video production

The Power of 'One Card' - Libraries South Australian  

Video Production  - Video Credit: Susan Rooney-Harding

Community Stories

Video Credit: Susan Rooney-Harding - ABC open Riverland  & Tara Sloane

We create Story portals to house story content - 


Twitter Feed

Animation created for Latitude Forestry the forestry community in Lao to explain the process to legally selling their timber

Social Impact videos - NRM-Together

Visual Report and Monitoring and Evaluation - Video Credit: Susan Rooney-Harding


iPhone and iPad content training

2014 - As documented on my iPhone

iPhoneography - Video credit: Susan Rooney-Harding

Wow - what an awesome year! 
Over 4000 images and videos collected on iPhone. Many adventures both near and far. Made many new friends.  Connected with many old friend,
and learnt a lot about love. Thanks for all the memories - they are the greatest of my treasures

Participatory Media Training for Monitoring, Evaluation and reporting